A downloadable game for Windows

The demon hordes are more... rectangular than expected. But hey, that won't stop you, right? Knock them into the spikes and survive as long as you can! But be warned, this is no simple task...


Unique types of monsters!


Physics-based combat! Knock your enemies around the arena with PHYSICS!

Dynamic enemy spawning to keep you on your toes!

Not one, but TWO fists to beat up monsters!

Boxing, but more so, because they're boxes!

That's why it's called "Boxing Pun!"

Get it?

Because boxes, boxing...

...It was a lot funnier in my head.


WASD to move, mouse to look, LMB/RMB to punch, space to dash, M to toggle in-game music.

Install instructions

Just unzip the file and run!


BoxingPunGame.zip 238 MB

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